PMSNC Newsletter By N. Thad Padua, MD, FAAP

This is the first issue of our PMSNC Bulletin. We will publish 3 times a year — post anniversary ball, post medical mission, and post annual picnic. The objective of having our bulletin is to spread the good word about our organization and the tremendous work that we do for our communities. Read the latest newsletter.

Santa Barbara 2018 Medical Mission

Dr. Peter Bretan’s transcendent desire to save lives and help others reach their potentials Asian Journal

SANTA BARBARA, Iloilo — Are our lives like the flowing waters of the clean Iloilo river, reflecting light images of our transcendent desire to help others achieve their potentials or is it like a swamp of dead tree stumps, with murky green algae that trap insects? Read the article by Prosy Abarquez Delacruz, JD.

Medical Mission in the News From INQUIRER.NET

ALAMEDA, California — More than 170 doctors, nurses, health educators and volunteers from Northern California have just completed a five-day medical mission to the Philippines, providing much needed medical, dental and surgical services to over 9,000 low income residents of Dumaguete and neighboring towns in the Negros Oriental province. Read the full article.

Dumaguete 2017 Medical Mission

Positively Filipino Written by Manzel Delacruz

Read about our 29th Medical Mission to Bohol.

Find out how we prepare months in advance for a medical mission. The article will give you a glimpse of how a typical year is spent preparing, fundraising and organzing for the big event.

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